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Why is it so painful to accept when God says “NO?”

Why is it so painful to accept when God says “NO?”
Because the PAIN of REJECTION hurts like hell!! So we began to pray a little harder, believe a little more, call a prayer partner to touch and agree…rebuke the enemy…fast for real, all because we don’t want to face the rejection!

Then we hear No again…now fear has crept in because this can’t be God…so we began to find scriptures that will support why God should say yes…but deep in our heart and spirit..we hear that still small voice saying No!

Now what we have feared the most is upon us…the FEAR OF FAILURE, and the SPIRIT OF REJECTION!!
We didn’t want to accept the No because of past failures. So we approach the situation with a winners mentality, failure is not an option mindset… Then approach God, ( as if he changed His mind) just to keep hearing No!

Let me help somebody not go through some unnecessary pain…it’s best to accept when God SAYS “NO” then for Him to “SHOW YOU!
It’s best to accept Him SAYING “NO” and “SHOWING you WHY He said NO..then to REJECT His NO and suffer the pain of him SHOWING you NO!!!

That’s a very humiliating, sometimes degrading embarrassing deep emotional pain you’re not ready to experience!

It will cause you to enter a zone of emotional distress that only prayers and Gods timing will get you out of! But because God loves us so much and He know our intention are not to be disobedient…he will cover you with his glory while you’re going through the worst emotional storm ever!

You will hear people constantly say things like… “you look so radiant, you’re glowing, you look so beautiful, I see you’re doing fabulous! You get the winks, flirts, haters take they level of hate to the stadium!! and they have no “CLUE” that you are 2 heart beats away from a breakdown…but God has already ordered your breakthrough because of what you been through!

Accept when the answer is NO! Trust that He has a better plan that’s tailored just for you. Yes it may hurt…but after you accept His plan…your tears will immediately dry, your strenght will return and the greater shall embrace you!

The answer is not always yes! sorry to hurt your feelings..but you will be free today! Accept when God SAYS NO! take it from someone who have mastered fighting Gods Nos!!!!

Lol it’s not worth it, He wins all the time!!!

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