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Welcome to the virtual site of Worldwide Christian Mission, a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity organization. We are committed to servicing underprivileged families in remote third-world nations by providing the resources required to achieve our mission. You’re invited to look at what we’ve accomplished thus far and join us in our efforts to alleviate poverty throughout the world.
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Dr. Roxanne Russ

Dr. Roxanne Russ is a nurturing, caring, compassionate woman with a great heart and a global vision. Clothing the naked, feeding the hungry, providing scholarships, caring for newborns and the elderly, providing medical and medication to villages, outreaches, and supplying household items to numerous families have all brought joy to countless people worldwide. We welcome everyone who loves her vision to feel free to join her as she continues to bring hope to the hopeless and joy amidst sorrow to many while doing missions. 
Hear what the Founder of WCM has to say about missions.
I’m Dr. Roxanne Asibongawan Russ, Worldwide Christian Missions (WCM) Founder and Visionary. 
I’d like to use this opportunity to introduce you to WCM Missions and the services we provide.
God revealed to me in a dream over 20 years ago that He would use me mighty in global missions. 
With such a burden, I decided to take a leap of faith and start WCM Missions in 2019. 
In 2020, the dream became a reality when my foot touched African soil for the first time, and my mission work began.
As a result I sold everything in my home, including  my home just to make sure the mission was funded.
WCM has fed and clothed impoverished families, including widows, and paid for the education of thousands of children in third-world countries, in addition to purchasing much-needed medicine and medical equipment for rural villages.
Despite everything I’ve accomplished, I still feel like I’m stumbling through missions. This is the first time I’ve done something like this. 
For example, I have a 501c3, but obtaining funds or sponsors as well as assisting individuals in rural third-world nations, has become extremely difficult. 
My deepest desire is to serve humanity with love, compassion and all of the resources necessary to do so.   
But I won’t be able to complete it on my own! 
To achieve these duties, I only need your help and finances.
Will you assist me in making a positive difference in the lives of people who are in desperate need of support?
Please utilize the link below to learn more about WCM Missions and how you can help us through donations and gifts.
www.wcmissions.net to know more
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WCM~Humanitarian Services to Nations


Here is an excellent opportunity to help  Dr. Russ in her goal to aid those in need. Make your best gift now to this outstanding missionary organization. Assist her in her efforts to assist others. Be a part of changing people’s lives with her for the better. “Team work make the dream work” Together, we can. Click the link below for how to donate.

About Us

Worldwide Christian Mission is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to serving people worldwide. When we serve others properly, we are also correctly serving God. As a result, helping people is also serving God. Worldwide Christian Missions helps widows, widowers, orphans, and vulnerable and impoverished gospel pastors and their families. We also help struggling churches, disadvantaged families, incarcerated, homeless, unemployed, and educational hardship. We have accomplished this by providing relief material, free medical assistance, educational resources, financial support, and inspirational messages from volunteers worldwide. Worldwide Christian Missions is based and registered in the United States of America.

WCM 2022 Mission Focus

This year, the majority of WCM’s activities will focus on people’s overall health (Spirit, Soul, and Body). Medical Outreach is the missions assignment for the year  2022. You can Partner with us in any of the medical Outreaches as we move from community to community.

Join Us to Sponsor more Children

Clothing, child care goods, shoes, and various other commodities were provided during WCM’s (Worldwide Christian Mission) yearly mission outreach to the community of Izziogo in Nigeria’s Ebonyi State to eliminate poverty in the country.
To offer an illustration of rural poverty, students were expelled from school just because they couldn’t afford the $3 school tuition. It’s heartbreaking to see such hardship.
WCM offered full scholarships to 36 students in Izzioggo Village because of great supporters like you, a dedicated staff, and Dr. Russ’ massive heart for humanity. Many additional scholarships were given out to students all around Africa as well