WCM Impacts

A man being delivered by the Lord from infirmity on the crusade ground
Question and Answer session in Lagos Nigeria
people surrendering there lives to Christ on the mission crusade ground
The founder of WCM Prophetess Roxanne Russ letting the Lord use her on the last night of the mission
Prophetess Roxanne Russ making ground breaking declaration on the ground calling out for end to poverty and a New Nigeria
Relief material giving out to people who came out
Prophetess Roxanne Russ Dancing with the people in the mission field
Rev.Prof. Onodugo Christian ministering in the mission field
Rev. Ochechi Joseph the President of WCM ministering in the mission field
The Founder of WCM praying for a lady through an interpreter who
This Boy under chains for three years for insanity brought by his mother to the prophetess
the Prophetess passionately praying for the insane boy. Indeed compassion is a key to healing
The prophetess enjoying some local green oranges
The Medical team on a medical outreach during the mission outing
The Medical Team
Cross session of WCM Team on the mission
Medical Team
A Brother Examine by the Medical Team
The prophetess Ministering on the Last night of the Mission
The Founder and a Worshiper on the mission field
The people coming out for the crusade
The relieve materials about to be given out on the mission field
The President of WCM declaring the last day of the mission trip open
The founder and the President Praying before the ministration.
The founder of WCM Roxanne Russ and the President Ochechi Joseph