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It was sometimes in the year 2000 that the Spirit of the Lord spoke expressly to the woman of God, Prophetess Roxanne Russ through an undeniable vision that God was sending her on a global assignment. In that vision, the Lord showed her the pictures of hurting men and women who needed help. They were poor, hungry and naked! Their state was so pathetic that the woman of God literally joined in their groaning. But all of a sudden, she saw herself got up with strength and started to feed and cloth those distraught people. By the time she was awoken from the vision, she couldn’t comprehend its fulll meaning which got her praying for the full interpretation of the same. It was not too long after that the spirit of the Lord started to reveal the full interpretation of the vision to her.  She was able to understand that God was sending her on a global mission to practically show the love of Christ to a hurting generation and her assignment begins from Africa! The Lord told her He was sending her to Africa as a rescuer and ‘succorer’! 

Immediately she got the interpretation of the vision, prophetess Roxanne sprang into immediate action, thinking that the prophecy was for immediate fulfillment. Little did she know she was going to wait 20 whole years to see the prophecy fulfilled!


The moment she knew she was sent to the world beginning from Africa, she began to share the vision to everyone who cared to listen. Year in and year out, she kept sharing the vision. But nothing seemed to be happening. As a matter of fact, the more she shared the prophecy, the more elusive it seemed. It then got to a point that friends, families and acquaintances began to mock her. She was not only mocked, she was laughed at and ridiculed! It so happened that when she gave other people prophecies and word of knowledge, the people saw their manifestations almost immediately! But as for her own personal prophecy from God, it wasn’t just happening! 

The mockery became so intense that she had to stop telling people about the prophecy at its 10th year.  By the year 2010, the Prophetess thought it smart to keep her God – given vision all to herself so as to avoid further embarrassment. To make matters worst, she started losing her other precious possessions right in the middle of her waiting on the Lord. Some of the things she lost included her marriage, home, businesses and her luxurious lifestyle! The table completely flipped against her.  At some point she slept in her car and shelter homes! She stood in line for food and at other times she begged for food! It so happened that some of the very same people she used to counsel began to counsel her. 

Her world literally crumbled before her very own eyes. But little did she know that it was all part of the divine plan! God literally used those hard and turbulent times to rid her off self, pride, people dependence, among others and to practically prepare her for the work of a minisionary, to which she has been undoubtedly called!


When Prophetess Roxanne Russ eventually got tired of being angry and bitter about her situation, God started to restore her losses!  To cap it all up, God spoke to her again! It was in the year 2018 as she was driving in her car that the Lord spoke to her again. This time it was more clearer and more specific than before. God told her He was sending her to Africa and to Nigeria in particular! The unction on her was too heavy that she had to pull aside to hear more! The Lord then continued to speak to her heart about His plans for Nigeria and how He’ll be using her to convey His message. God told her He was about to restore Nigeria again and break the back of Pharaoh over His people and the stronghold of poverty. While still in the car, the Lord told her that the Pharaoh He spoke about represented the bad governance in Nigeria that He is about to overturn and destroy!

What the prophetess then did after this undeniable encounter was to begin to gather information about Nigeria and to set her house in order so she can take the divine journey to Africa for the very first time in her life! She also went further in her step of faith to constitute various online platforms where she was interacting with Africans and most particularly Nigerians in readiness for her eventual journey to Africa!

In the year 2019, the woman of God, Prophetess Roxanne Russ did everything humanly possible to come to Nigeria to no avail! She was ready, Nigeria was ready to receive her but she lacked funds! She begged people, churches, family members, notable ministries for money, but all her efforts ended in utter futility! She begged for just one dollar but she got nothing… Not even a dollar!


Prophetess Roxanne at this time felt so disappointed, but not discouraged! She was pressed down but not crushed. Persecuted but not abandoned. Struck down but not destroyed! But everything began to work in her favour in the year 2020 when her due season arrived! God Himself started opening great and unbelievable financial doors for her. Some of the very people that mocked her started taking her seriously and became supportive. Then on Wednesday November 4 year 2020, 20 years after she first received the vision, her plane touched ground and her feet touched the Nigerian soil.  It happened just as the Lord spoke 20 years before. It has indeed come to pass!


The Worldwide Christian Missions, (WCM), the umbrella name of Prophetess” ministry organised an explosive three days Lagos convention held at the Salem Faith Foundation Church, Awoyaya Ibeju-Lekki Lagos. 


The conference opened with the minister’s conference on Thursday November 5th where many seasoned ministers of the gospel from within and outside Lagos and Nigeria converged to be recharged. That session was taken by an invited minister of the gospel and an academician of great repute with three professorship in various fields, Professor Chris Ifeanyi Onodugo from Enugu state in the Eastern part of Nigeria.

In the evening of the same day, the conference continued in an all believers convention with the very theme “And it came to pass! “

Day Two

Day two opened with an insightful ministers’ workshop with practical interactive session which left the ministers recharged for their next levels in ministry.

The evening session saw a mind-blowing convergence of women from all walks of life and from all as sundry in a highly impactful ladies conference that was tagged “Leading Ladies!” Raw food and cooking items among other goodies brought from the USA by the prophetess were shared at the meeting. The widows were personally given transportation fare among other goodies just to fulfil God’s mandate given to the woman of God that she should “Go ye and feed the poor and less privileged” … And it came to pass!


Day three started with the youth convention and it climaxed with the Impartation service held in the evening of the same day where everyone that came were fed to satisfaction!  

The WCM executive members who had worked tirelessly to make the convention a great success were also presented with Awards and Plaques by the visionary, Prophetess Roxanne Russ, in commemoration of their hard work as they were dedicated to God for greater service to humanity.

The Lagos meeting ended on Sunday November 8th with a Thanksgiving Service held at the  host church, Salem Foundation Church.


The Ebonyi three days crusade held in Eastern Nigeria from Wednesday November 11th to Friday November 13th was out of this world! The Worldwide Christian Missions’ team led by the very Prophetess Roxanne Russ went to the most interior and rural part of the state for the power crusades! The little village called Uloanwu saw the glorious light of the gospel! The move of the Spirit was undeniable! The attendance was massive! The on -the -spot miracles and massive salvation of souls were crystal clear for all to see. Ebonyi literally saw God!


The day one started on a very high note around 6:00pm and ended around 2:00am with the flow of the miraculous! 


The day two began around 10:00am where the Prophetess had a glorious time with the women dancing, laughing and sharing the Word of God.

In the evening, the crusade continued with great deliverances, massive salvation of souls, miracles, signs and wonders! 


The third day began in the morning with the free medical camp where the community people got medical diagnosis, Blood Pressure testing, drugs and some medical counseling! What was more extraordinary about that day was when one of the women who came to the free medical camp fell into labour and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl right into the arms of Prophetess Roxanne Russ at the back of the host Church; The Assemblies of God Church, Uloanwu!  That birth according to prophetic insight signified the fruitfulness the Lord is about to bring to the land of Nigeria!

In the evening just before the crusade started, the people were given free raw food items and clothings. The people literally scrambled for the food items and clothings because they were poor and needy just as the woman of God saw it in the vision. It was really touching and quite emotional for the prophetess to actually see this happening in real life! Immediately after the the love sharing, the actual crusade kicked off with high praise and prayers. The crusade climaxed when the woman of God took the microphone to declare the heart of God to the people before blessings and purifying the land. Immediately afterwards, the place broke lose into the miraculous too powerful for words!

The Ebonyi mission ended In a thanksgiving service at the….. **** Church, Ebonyi presided over by professor Chris Ifeanyi Onodogu. The woman of God spoke the mind of God to the people and yet blessed the land. 


The team moved to Calabar, Cross Rivers state on Monday November 16th for yet another three days power-packed convention!

The convention was hosted by Agape Christian Center Calabar under her Lordship, Bishop Margaret  Ene-Ita. 


The day one started powerfully with sure word of prophecies from the Lord through the mouth of His servant, Prophetess Roxanne Russ!


The day two began with a courtesy visit to one of the community’s village heads; Etubom Professor Efiom  Eneobong of the Ikot  Eneobong Royal Council. The man through whose  directives and goodwill got the Worldwide Christian Missions (WCM)  acres of land in that community where they will build their proposed Vocational Studies and Counselling Centre to empower the women in the community, aiding their means of livelihood and to provide shelter and succor to the abused and hurting ones amongst them.

Food items among other precious gifts were given out to the community as a token of appreciation.

The crusade continued in the evening with high African praise and prophetic declarations!


The day three being the thanksgiving Sunday at the Agape Christian Center Calabar was filled with enormous praise of God and more Prophetic declarations from the mouth of the Woman of God; Prophetess Roxanne Russ!


A special breakfast meeting was organized by the Agape Christan Centre just to appreciate the woman of God and have the people interact with her more closely. It was indeed a time of bonding and an ever green moment to be forever treasured!

While in Calabar, the woman of God; Prophetess Roxanne Russ went to so many other churches, fellowships,  meetings, recreation and historic centres too numerous to be enumerated one by one.  But each one of those places witnessed God through His servant, Prophetess Roxanne and they had a wonderful time they can never forget in a hurry!


On Monday November 30th 2020, the woman of God and the very mouth piece of God; Prophetess Roxanne Russ boarded the plane heading back to the  USA. 

It was a moment of mixed feeling for her; one, of excitement of going back home and two, the sadness of leaving the treasured people of God whom she had grown to love and appreciate behind.

Of no doubt, the woman of God experienced a “November to Remember” on her first missionary journey to Africa.

She came, she saw and she conquered! It indeed came to pass. This goes to assure anyone reading this that whatever it is that the Lord told you will surely come to pass. Wait for it! Delay is not denial. It may tarry but it cannot be denied! Everything is working in your favour.

Don’t give up on God or on your dreams… Fulfilment is surely on the way. Keep your hope alive! You shall yet laugh and rejoice in Jesus name.

Peace, Love and Joy!

Written by  Pastor Kay Steve,

Publisher;  Strong Woman Magazine and the WCM International Women’s Director and Marriage Ministry. 

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