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Be encouraged and strengthened in the Lord Generals!

To Gods ministers; a Word Of Encouragement from My Heart To Yours
Now I need to chill, I’m sitting up here defending and standing my ground for men and women of God who have no clue of who I am. I’m literally going against some strong demonic forces, just because I Believe in UNITY! 

You see the “WORLD” defends and protects Its on! Yet the body of Christ, we are like the “Grim Reaper” ready to kill, steal, and destroy each other! Now I had to stop and say “Girl you’re going in hard to protect God elect and you’re not apart of the circle you’re defending!’

But I’m like this,  because they’re my “Fathers Child”.. when you go against “them” you’re going against “me.” Now don’t get me wrong not every branch is off my father, I know the difference, I gets involved! And this is what we need in this hour “UNITY”… 

The world is hurting right now. People are looking for answers and Comfort. But, when they turn in the direction of the Church (Not the building) but the called out body of Christ…they cant receive a decent response, because they have to filter through our backlashes, social media fights, evil subliminal messages against each other, and ministries scams! STOP IT, just STOP IT! 

How can God ever demonstrate His compassion, love, sympathy,  and comfort to a hurting, confused world, when the ones He has chosen to reveal His Glory through are to busy operating in the flesh?! 

The harvest is ripe people, look around, the harvest is RIPE!!! But “LOVE” is needed right now! It’s sad when they world turn to the church and can’t get answers because they are tired of seeing the LEADERS arguing amongst each other,  and then they (the world) decides to turn to other spirits just to get answers and  comfort! 

Come on people of God! Now not all of Gods people are operating like this. But some of Gods leaders whom He has allowed to be great influence in the earth realm are not governing themselves accordingly has made  its hard for “valley” prophets voice to be accepted once released! And theses voices  have what the world is seeking! 

I want to encourage the “valley” and “hidden” voices of the Lord to pray for those that are in the fore front. It’s their hour and season now! But remember seasons do change! 

When God says it’s “YOUR”time to come forth and be a voice of influence,  remember what you “ Witnesses” in the “Cave” and “valley” from the ones who went before you and be the difference! 

Do for them now, what you want done for you when it’s your time to rule! 
Be encouraged and strengthened in the Lord Generals!

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