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Habbakuk 2:1-2
I will stand upon my watch  and set me upon the tower, and will watch yo see what he will say unto me and what I shall answer when I am reproved
And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.

For the first time I saw this scripture in the light of running an errand.  Habbakuk appears to be writing from the perspective of a servant waiting upon a master waiting to get an instruction and run with it. STAND UPON MY WATCH. He said I will stand upon my watch.

It is important to stress you that apart from the literal meaning of standing upon a an elevated plain, walls or high tower to monitor, another possible explanation of the term “watch” is like a security man”a shift. Every man on earth is using a watch appointed to him by the creator.

The contemporary way to explain that is to say  that every man has a shift to use on earth. No man stays here forever. Everyone has an allotted time to do their assignment and run their errand. Jesus communicated the understanding of this to us when he said I must do the  works of him that sent me while it is day, the night comes when no man can work.

He means that there is a time frame for every man to run the errand sent him/her. The moment your shift expires the system  locks you out no matter how ready you are that time. My revelation of STAND is to pay Serious Attention To All Necessary Details. Many people miss out on their errand because they do not pay attention to details. Many get a glimpse only to be stranded along the way.

You know how as young children we forget the details of n errand we are running along the way and then we are scared to go back and confirm the details because our mind was occupied with something else when the details was being communicated to us. (Somebody can relate to this)So it is our duty to stand, not sit.

To stand is to be ready, to be prepared and set to take instruction and run with it. Many people are sleeping upon their watch. Ephesian 5:16 talks about redeeming the time for the days are evil. The other way to say that is to maximize the time and chance for the time is short. SEE WHAT HE WILL SAY The next instructive word from those verses is that after standing upon my watch,  I will see what he will say to me.

The use of language in this text is instructive.  He didn’t say I will  hear what he will say to me, he said I will see what he will say to me.This speaks of catching a vision with our lives. Life is basically built upon the foundation of vision. The very first thing that God commanded at creation was light. Gen 3 Let there be light. Man is nothing without vision, as a matter of fact, all of life tends towards light. 

Light is an essential part of God. He dwells in light. Many people look very few people see. We don’t see the future with our eyes, we see with our hearts. The optic nerves only see facts, truth is perceived with the heart. Many things will grab your attention in the course of life but not all that grab your attention, inspire your passion. What gets your attention is not your vision, it is what inspires your passion that is your vision and future.

You must be able to distinguish the two or else the things that attract you attention will cause your confusion. Many people have simply followed what caught their attention in life only to meet with what propelled their passion and they were confused. Many people have pursued a course in life but they need external motivation to keep up pursuing the course. If you have to depend on external motivation to pursue a course, please understand that its not a God-given vision.

THAT HE MAY RUN THAT READS IT. Habakkuk after he had stood upon his watch and caught what the Lord said to him. The Lord told him to write it down that he may run that reads it. Years ago the Lord explained to me that the first one who reads what is written is one who wrote it down.

Hence you are the one to run with the vision given to you before others join you to run the race. This year I am particularly serious with writing down the vision because it is time to run. Hebrews 12:1-2 says we should run the race that is set before us. Many people unfortunately attempt to run the race that is not set before them. This is what Paul meant when he said in 1 Corinthian 9:26 I run not as uncertainly. He was saying he wasn’t running aimlessly.

He was running his peculiar errand. He didn’t just have speed, he had direction. Which is a very important factor. This year beloved,  is the year to ask questions in the place of prayer if you have not discovered your errand. Life is an errand. It will be unfortunate to return to eternity and be informed that you  ran another man’s errand on earth. May we not have the misfortune of that colossal waste of a divine investment

Prophetess Roxanne Russ

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