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The Importance Of Sound Doctrine & Biblical Teaching If You’re Called!

A Word To The Preachers… This Include The Whole Five-Fold Ministry
I remember when I went to school to become a cosmetologist. I received my license and began the work of a beautician. As I advanced in that field, I noticed my signature was in Color and Cutting! I later decided to master a skill I was frequently requested to do, which is cutting and color. Because I wanted to “Master,” that particular area that I was already licensed to operate in, I decided to go back to school to perfect that area.

I attended John Jay and became a Master Cutter! I was now qualified to work in one of his top salons. “Remember, I was already licensed, but I wanted to advance in what I was Certified to do.”I’m going somewhere follow me. Later I opened my salon with the professionalism of what I’ve been exposed to. I wanted to give my clients top-quality service. Now I’m licensed, advanced my knowledge in a particular skill, have my own business, but I still felt the need to stay sharp. I made a yearly commitment to workshops, hair shows, and seminars.

Does every beautician operate the same?No.Does it say they’re not called or qualified to do what they have been licensed to do?No.It merely means that that’s where they decided to draw the line. Me, on the other hand, and many like myself… chose to further and advance our profession. This was done because of the type of clients we wanted to attract! Also, because of the kind of environment we wanted to create for others to experience. Because of that, many doors”Outside,” this profession has been opened.

Even Though I’m a licensed Cosmetologist. The license is not limited to one area in that field,.. (Stay With Me)…it has many avenues to operate in. Still, I had to figure out where my anointing and passion flowed from. Once that was revealed, I went and advanced my skills, sharpened it to reach a specific group of people. If you’re in the spirit, you already know where I’m going.

What Am I Saying? Just because you have a license to “Preach” it doesn’t mean it stops there! Nothing is wrong with advancing your knowledge. Nothing is wrong if you decided to study, research, and enroll in certified biblical studies programs, to broaden your knowledge and reach a higher hierarchy of people.
If the world can do it for their business, what’s wrong with the church supporting and encouraging seminary teaching, bible college? Half of our clergyman is not rightly dividing the word; they’re just “DIVIDING” THE WORD!” Leaving the body of Christ all confused and dizzy!

Stop IT! Stop it now! But the sad thing about it, We (believers) are the first ones to negatively critique, debate, and challenge a sermon, teaching, or delivery of the word! But say “Seminary, or Bible College, Bible Study, Sunday School, Leadership Workshops are not necessary to spiritually lead God’s people?! Are You Serious?What Medical doctor will you continue to go to, if he was to tell you…Oh yeah..I’m licensed, but I don’t believe in going to all those medical conventions and workshops, and researching new medicine or cures, or learning how to use modern technology such as laser surgery, or modern machines to run tests. I stick strictly with what I learned in 1947.

But I have my certification. Listen, I don’t know who this is for, but sir/ma’am, hear me clearly if God is pressing on your heart to deepen your knowledge in Him by way of Seminary or Bible College, Conferences, Workshops, School etc.. go with God! In this dispensation of time, you are encountering an educated society, secularly and Spiritually.

You are not dealing with the same crowd from the last millennium. We’re in a different zone, and your theology and biblical teaching will be challenged and tested. It will be tested against various groups such as science, metaphysics, the new age movement, and different occult’s that have studied our bible back and front. It will be challenged by philosophers and atheists who will run circles around your head with your text if you’re not adequately trained and disciplined in the word. Ooh, and please don’t get spiritual and say you have the Holy Spirit, and all you need to do is open your mouth, and the Lord will speak for you. No!

Listen.. and listen attentively… The Lord will only speak His WORD. If you’re not putting the WORD of the Lord in your belly, you can open your mouth as much as you can, the only thing you will prove is your inadequacy in biblical principles.
The Lord can not pull out of you what’s not in there! This is not magic. Do us all a favor and register, sign up, attend Sunday school, go to biblical workshops, or leadership conferences, to advance your knowledge in the word and be a useful tool in the kingdom!

Prophetess Roxanne Russ

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