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My name is prophetess Roxanne Russ the visioneer of world wide Christian mission (WCM) a Christian mission charity organization involved in mission to the hurting and Unchurched part of the world. This year December my team and I will be on a mission to Ghana and Nigeria where we will be reaching out to Unchurched and hurting people with the message of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ but then since the best message to the hungry and hurting people is not just “the Lord will provide” but feed the hungry just like our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ demonstrated while here on earth we intend going into these zones with food items,clothing,school supplies, medical supplies etc. That way there will be effectiveness in our gospel.

Are you a believer in mission, do you love your neighbor as yourself, a you a humanitarian at heart, to your want to render a helping hand in reaching the Unchurched for the Lord? We want to use this medium to appeal to you with the love of Jesus christ to please partner with us and donate food items, clothing, schools items for kids, shipping opportunities, medical supplies like antibiotics, malaria drugs, lenses, blood capsules. Etc.
Be assured every of your support and donations will definitely reach the people. This indeed a good ground to sow for a heavenly reward. God bless you.

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