Oluwakemi Bakare also known as Pastor KAY STEVE. Is from Oyo State, Nigeria. She is happily married to Pastor Olatunde Stephen Bakare and they are blessed with three wonderful boys.

She and her husband are the cofounders of a young but vibrant Church named LIGHT ARENA situated in Kenya and Nigeria. She is also the vision bearer of the Strong Woman Magazine and Strong Woman Conference, a vision meant to show women their true identity in Christ and in the world.

She is the International Director of the Women With A Word, the women arm of Worldwide Christian Mission (WCM) headquartered in the USA under the able leadership of the beautiful and amiable Prophetess Roxanne Russ. The Women With A Word and WCM at large teach the Word of God through practical love giving, because action they say speak louder than words!

Apart from being a wife, mother, Pastor, leader, Missionary and Visionary, she is also a writer, editor, orator, life coach, counsellor, mentor, entrepreneur, transformational speaker, recording artist, and a change agent.

Her passion in life is to spread the gospel of Christ, which is of faith that works by love through the written and spoken word and through music!

Her husband is Her best friend, the children are her joy, and my passion remains spreading the love and goodness of God through words and lyrics!