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Leadership Training: How To Be Effective in Conflict Resolutions

Apostles in Acts 15 and 16 even when they disagreed it was in a orderly fashion! Take Paul & Barnabas They parted ways but didn’t stop others from working with who couldn’t work with them.

When they parted ways they were able to continue their assignment without involving others in their dispute. They just connected with who they needed to work with and continued to do the will of YAH.

I don’t see where they tried to bring others into their personal conflict to get them to choose sides. They parted because of their convictions not because they were in competition with each other.

Each showed an example of great leadership and strength by being able to resolve a personal ministry conflict without destroying each other character credibility or name. In this hour the dimension of maturity necessary between leadership has diminish.

They don’t have the ability to disagree about things without trying to bring destruction to each other and involving others in their conflicts. They display childish behavior by 

1. Publicly voicing the conflict to gain support for their side thereby involving people that often get one side of the story.

2. Involve others that are connected to them causing division and often disrespect toward another leader. 

3. Become enemies toward each other thereby closing any opportunities to work together any more. 

4. Debating scriptures to prove who is right & who is wrong causing biblical confusion among those who they are training & teaching. 

5. Gossip and scandalize the name and character of people so that others won’t connect to them or be involved in their vision. 

6. Try to force people to take sides because they want to be the one that is right in the eyes of the people. 

7. Refuse to come to a peaceful solution because they want to play the victim as much as they can. 

If leaders can learn that it’s okay to disagree and not have to lose friendship and fellowship with each other we will see better success take place in ministry. Learning how to be effective in conflict resolutions is something that should be taught in every ministry school.

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