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How Great Is Our God!

I would like to ask you something today: “Have you ever stopped to ask yourself how great God is? How powerful is He, how strong is He? How big and majestic is God?

God is the author of life in heaven and on earth, nothing is out of your control, did you hear what I said here now? Nothing, absolutely nothing is out of your control. So, why fear? Why be afraid of adverse situations?

The Word says that not in the singular, but in the plural, the Lord’s mercies are renewed every morning. Your love increases all the time for you and me. He loves you so much that he was able to descend from the Throne and come to Earth as a man to die here.

If GOD did the best for you, who was your Beloved Son, why didn’t He give you the smallest things on earth? You don’t know how much He loves you and wants to help you, you don’t know how much He looks at you with eyes of mercy!

He wants to be with you, to be part of your life, he wants you to talk to Him, Jesus Christ said: go into your room and pray to the father who sees in secret! Talk to Him, let him know your pains, your problems, your dreams, your life, He is your FATHER, He wants and will hear you, He wants to hear you, He already knows what you are going to pray for, but HE wants to hear you speak.

Talk to your heart amen? ! Let him go out with him and never think that there is no way for you, you are special and God loves you very much! God bless you even more!

Prophetess Roxanne Russ

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