Dr. Roxanne Russ was born April 28.  Education, classical music, and Ministry has been a vital part of her life since childhood. God enlarged her territory and called her to the market place as an entrepreneur.

She became a licensed cosmetologist and opened the “B U Transformed Beauty Salon and Spa.”  During this time, she signed up for Mary Kay and became one of the top saleswomen in her region. This led to her natural cosmetic line named “B Natural.” 

With God’s blessing, she expanded her business to open a Christian Book Store and Coffee Shop, “Beyond The Veil Christian Book And café.

Roxanne was the first young black female to receive her credentials at Cox Cable in Productions and Media, and the first young black female to host a live talk show entitled “Spotlight with Roxanne” During the early ’90s. 

She decided to further her education and attended the Seminary. She graduated and received a B, TH. At the Union Theological Seminary, And an AA at the Living Word Bible College in 2018. Roxanne is currently a full-time student at S.U.N.O, pursuing her bachelor’s in Educational Studies, concentration in English, also while pursuing her M., Div, at the Union Baptist Theological Seminary.    

It was during her adolescence years, that life hit her unethically. She had to face and endure many setbacks, hardships, and trials, which were all preparing her for destiny. Rushing to begin her family life, Roxanne rushed into marriage which led to an abusive situation. After realizing the marriage was doomed, she courageously left that marriage and realized her TRUE purpose.  Roxanne immediately began counseling and therapy to move effectively into her future.  

Upon her completion of Counseling, she received a Certificate and became an Advocate for The New Orleans Family Justice and Healing Center as a “VOICE” against Domestic Violence. Her testimony was so inspiring, she was chosen to Speak at the National Lawyers Association conference and also interviewed for Australia number one top Television Broadcast episodes “Life After Domestic Violence.” 

Through this ordained tragedy, it led her to launch the Pearls of Wisdom (POW) Family Outreach, a program designed to meet the spiritual and emotional needs of today’s family. Songs of healing and deliverance were written and produced during this time.  

Determined to defeat her obstacles, she launched an All-Natural Hair, Skin, and Body Oil Company with Authentic African artifacts and cultural jewelry. In 2018 P.O.W was re-vamp and expanded with its own International Radio network station. 2019 Roxanne became the International President of Worldwide Christian Mission, A Global Outreach Mission, where she is sent globally to do mission work to the orphanages and less fortunate. 

She had to experience her heartache before she could launch it. Her mission is to strengthen, uplift, encourage, and bring restoration to the broken hurting family.  

Pursuing her career in Educational Studies, because Roxanne believes that she has the voice and influence to change the corrupt business side of the public-school system, into what’s best for the education of the kids.

Her passion and desire are not just to educate students with knowledge but show them how great they are by pulling out the untapped potentials buried within them.  

Dr. Russ also has a heart for philosophy and philantropy, often giving to the less fortunate.

Also, to motivate the next generation, that their lives matter and they have the power within themselves to shape our world into a better, more positive place once they put their brains to work in the right direction. She believes she has the gift to make that happen.  

She has come back stronger and is more determined than ever to thrive instead of surviving. Not only is Roxanne has been chosen for such a time as this, but a voice for our kids’ education in the public school system. Our kids matter, and we should make sure that they know we care about their future!