Dr. Roxanne Asibongawan Russ is an internationally recognized humanitarian and a highly energized motivational leader.  She is an “Accurate” Prophetess, and visionary of the Worldwide Christian Mission Non-Profit Charity Organization registered in USA & Africa.    

In 2019 after a 20-year “wait,” Dr. Russ was released by God to Establish the Worldwide Christian Mission, A Global Outreach Mission. God mandates her to do mission work globally. This assignment is for orphanages, widows, those imprisoned, those who lack aid for better education, troubled youths, and the less fortunate.   

Her passion and goal are not limited to providing knowledge to educate, empower, and rehabilitate others but also to show them how magnificent they are by bringing out the untapped potential buried inside them. To show future generations that their lives matter and that they have the power to shape our world into a better, more positive place if they set their minds to it. She feels she can make that happen, She is regarded as a gift to humanity by those who have benefited from her life. 

Her favorite Scripture

John 14:14  

Her favorite song   

If I can help somebody as I travel, then my living shall not be in vain.