Minister Wenona Russ was born in Lutcher, LA in the United States. Minister Russ is a brand plucked out of the fire for such a time as this.

She began her ministerial career quite reluctantly in New Orleans in 2005 when she was licensed to preach by Apostle D.L. Williams at NGM Ministries, now known as Consuming Fire Ministries. She then moved to Dallas, TX and attended the Potter’s House Dallas pastored by the renowned Bishop T.D. Jakes.  She later attended and studied at the Potter’s House School of Ministry in 2009.

After a season of illness, she left PHSOM (pronounced ‘phi-zome’) and eventually went on to serve in many different capacities and a few ministries including Praise and Worship Leader, Intercessory Prayer Leader, Singles’ Ministry, Children’s Ministry.  Minister Russ has never sought after positions and titles; she has a deep hunger for the things of the Most High YAH and loves to serve!

Her childhood and history was one riddled with much abuse, rejection, abandonment, domestic violence, and betrayal.  The Most High Yah led her on a wilderness journey that did lead her to leave organized religion and yearn & seek after a walk led by faith, love and a closer relationship with the Most High Yah.  Eventually, her anointing, skills and talent led her to workplace ‘ministry’ where today she serves as a consultant to 1000’s of ministries, non-profit organizations, ministry leaders to address the current needs of the church to move and mobilize to a more hybrid, mobile structure in the Kingdom due to the pandemic and the lockdown that occurred because of it.  

Minister Russ believes that in order for the Ekklesia to impact THE KINGDOM, it is imperative to move outside of the 4 walls of the church and be active in the community AND open to a more mobile brand of ministry. When Yahushua Hamashiach (Jesus Christ) walked the earth and served in His 3-year ministry, He spent MORE time outside of the church buildings than IN-This is the model of ministry Minister Russ prays the Body will grow into.

She has been active in the USA in local politics in New Orleans, LA in terms of campaigning for mayoral, school board, city council candidates and voter registration drives.  In the State of Tennessee in the USA, she was a member of the Knoxville Democratic Progressive Party, the Knoxville Police Reform Committee – where she was instrumental in influencing major political leaders and the City Council in changing the organizational structure of PARC, the Police Advisory & Review Committee, that was created and revamped to address the increase in police brutality against minorities in Knox County. Minister Russ’ vision is not only local – it’s global.  She also has submitted works to the Human Rights Council of the United Nations on behalf of minorities here in the USA. Her heart’s desire is to truly see her people finally be created EQUAL…no matter which land people of African descent live on!

Minister Russ is also an author of 7 eBooks, The Makings Of A False Prophet explains the pitfalls of entering ministry for the wrong reasons,  The Fruits Of Azusa , her own POWERFUL testimonies of deliverance from same sex attractions and police racial profiling & brutality –  Down Low Deliverance: Be Set FREE! and Black Woman’s Guide to Surviving An Encounter With The Police , The REJECTION of the Prophet, The Marriage Trap: STOP BEING AFRAID OF BEING SINGLE and her latest work, THE SPIRIT OF THE NEPHILIM: FALLEN ANGELS OR FALLEN SPIRITS? .

Minister Russ has embraced the prophetic call on her life and recently earned a Certificate of Completion for the Advanced School of the Prophets acknowledging that call from Apostle Joshua Giles of Kingdom Embassy Worship Center in St. Louis Minnesota in the USA.  She also has earned a Certificate from the University of Cape Town (Universiteit Van Kaapstad) in ‘Becoming A Changemaker: Introduction to Social Innovation.’

It is the heartcry of Minister Russ to not just be effective in the four walls of the church and encourage many with her powerful testimonies but to also effect change in the communities WHERE those churches reside.  Churches are made up of communities and families and those communities and families MUST be whole in order for the TRUE CHURCH, THE EKKLESIA, to be whole!