Mission Statement:

To empower, and strengthen the family by teaching and demonstrating kingdom principles regarding God’s divine order & structure for the family.  To help individuals to understand and value self, increase in virtue, and to walk in the authority and wisdom that will lead to a victorious life in Christ. And, to provide programs and services that will assist in overcoming obstacles that hinder individual and family stability, unity and growth.


Our Passion is to help others reach their God ordained Potential.

Our current areas of focus are spiritual development of young and adult women, domestic violence, homelessness, mentoring and child education.


  • We will provide a forum that will allow believers to engage in productive, life transforming conversations about God and His will for their lives, to express personal concerns, and share life experiences.
  • We will develop teams that will assist in mentoring those lacking a mother or father in the home, in need of spiritual guidance, or in need of motivation to succeed academically.
  • We will create and implement effective community and social programs to fulfill our vision.
  • We will sponsor activities that stimulate others to dream, take positive action and to exceed societal expectations. 
  • We will utilize our God-given abilities to create streams of income to develop and support the mission God has called us to.

Quality of Service:

Our mission will be accomplished with an Undefeatable Degree of Fervor and Spirit of Excellence that will please God, resulting in an Awesome Release of His Glory in this earth realm!

Prophetess Roxanne Pearls Of Wisdom Network

Day – Evey Tueday Night

Time – 8.00pm (CST)

Access Code – 753454#

Call: 1.206.451.6097 | 605.313.5152