Ability Advance Strategic

Missions and Leadership Academy

Ability Advance Strategic Missions and Leadership Academy is a prestigious ministerial, bible and missions training center offering globally recognized ministerial and missions program from certificate to doctorate level.
The school is  affiliated with:
1. Techm Christ Global Bible School, USA
2. Worldwide Christian Mission, USA
3. Global Apostolic Ministerial Council, USA
Our ministerial philosophy is driven by passion for excellent and to be a catalyst for global impact, ministerial growth and moulding the next generation leaders.
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To raise Gods end time warriors for global impact and transformation.

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13, Elepete Road, Baba Adisa B/stop, Ibeju Lekki – Lagos.
Watsapp: +234-9075429883


Training Gods ambassador for kingdom dominion and territorial takeover.

Raising Gods Kingdom Takers and Territorial Controllers…


Pastor Ability RWM

The President & Rector: Ability Advance Strategic Missions and Leadership Academy

1. Certificate in Ministry and Global Leadership (Cert. MGL) This course is design to train the newly called ambassadors and emerging leaders of the gospel with intent of impacting the real ministerial skills and leadership acumen in them. Its designed to expose student to vital ministerial ethics, norms, doctrines, concept and principles for God’s kingdom assignment.
2. Diploma in Ministerial Art and Global Leadership (Dip. MAGL) This program is design to equip student with the theoretical and practical knowledge in basic ministerial art and engagement together with kingdom principles for missions and ministerial advancement in global context. The course is been develop with intent to expose student to institutional, vocational and strategies in ministry.
3. Bachelor of Art in Apostolic Ministry and Global Leadership (BA. AMGL) This is a 21st century apostolic ministerial degree design to equip and produce leaders with strong ministerial drive for excellent, innovation, dept and proactive passion to solve complex issues. It provides option for a multidisciplinary degree part in: 1. Church planting 2. Community Transformation 3. Revival 4. Discipleship 5. Ministerial Fund Mobilization 6. Leadership
4. Bachelor of Art in Biblical Counseling and Global Leadership (BA. BCGL) This is a excellent course design to build a mature and balance preacher or pastor for the modern day ministerial challenges. It provides student with indept analysis of situations and provide tools to navigate the solutions easily, with several degree parts and options: 1. Pastoral Ministry 2. Ministerial Ethics 3. Church Planting 4. Church Growth 5. Leadership 6. Discipleship
[12/28/2019, 1:30 PM] Pastor Ability RWM: 5. Masters of Art in Mission and Global Leadership (MA. MGL)
6. Masters of Art in Ministerial Ethics and Global Leadership (MA. MEGL)
7. Doctor of Divinity in Ministerial Art and Global Leadership (DD. GL)
8. Doctor of Christian Philosophy and Global Leadership (PhD. GL)
9. Doctor in Contemporary Religion and Global Leadership (DR. GL)


Our faculty is made up of season, experience and credible leaders in ministry and missions with proven track records.

Program Duration

Our training runs between 6 months thru 2 years.

Admission Process

  1.  Collect and submit the application form with all required details.
  2. You must meet the minimum requirement to be consider: (a). Must be born again. (b). Must belong to a church or faith base organisation. (c). Must be able to read and write correctly d. Must submit relevant details for program applied for.
  3. Student should be able to pay 50% of tuition on resumption.

NB: Our program fees are moderate with flexible payment options.